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Great New Addition to Our £0.99 or Less Section.

Great New Addition to Our £0.99 or Less Section. New in our £0.99 or Less section is Body Collection's Powder Blush Trio.

Three Shimmering Pressed Powder Blushes complete with applicator brush.

Mix and blend, sculpt and highlight these lovely powder blushes for a variety of flattering effects.

Sweep across the cheekbones, temples, chin and forehead with a large powder brush for a natural result.

Check out our Blusher section for lots more great products.

As we source more and more great products for our 99p or less section, it is rapidly becoming our most popular section.

All products are from British companies and all products conform to the strict standards set down by British and EU law so you know you are getting a real bargain

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New in This Week Range of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

New in This Week Range of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

 This famous, luxury and iconic lipstick leaves your lips glossy, luscious and plumped with instant moisturisation.

The new formula contains avocado oil and Vitamin E to moisturize and condition lips with no tackiness!

Lip hydration is instantly boosted.

Non irritation formula.

Fully sealed product presented in a smart black and gold case which will look great in every make up bag.

High Street price for this item is £7.99 so this is a really good buy at Cosmetics4less price of only £2.99.

The shade shown in the picture is Shade 430 Soft Silver Rose but you can see our full range of Revlon Lipstick here.

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New in This Week Rimmel Clean Finish Matte Foundation shade 120 Ivory

New in This Week Rimmel Clean Finish Matte Foundation shade 120 Ivory Lovely new product in stock this week at Cosmetics4less, Rimmel's Clean Finish Matte Foundation in shade Ivory.

Your skin looks 100% poreless with great shine control that lasts all day. perfect for looking cool in hot weather.

 The lightweight, clean, matte finish will last for up to 12 hours so no need for touch ups during the day.

Contains oil controlling pure minerals that wont clog your pores so it's Hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. Ideal for sensitive skin

Comes in a 30ml glass bottle.

Cosmetics4less price is only £4.50

A great addition to our extensive range of Foundation available on our website.

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Make Up for Looking Cool in the Sun.

Make Up for Looking Cool in the Sun. With temperatures forecast to hit 30% it is important to adjust your make up so you stay looking as fresh as a daisy with your make up immaculate.

Start with an oil free moisturiser. Allow this to sink in to the skin before applying anything else so that you don't start off with a damp surface.

A Face Primer can be useful in hot weather as it can help prevent your make up from melting and sliding off your face.

Then apply an oil free foundation, if you can get one with an SPF, go for the highest factor possible. Or you can try a tinted moisturiser and concealer or a BB cream only for a more minimal, natural look.

A light dust of Bronzer improves everything. Your eyes will look brighter, your skin will glow, your teeth will appear whiter and you will look healthier and full of energy even on the most draining of hot days.

Apply bronzer with a large powder brush, in sweeping strokes where the sun would naturally hit your face, forehead, cheekbones, chin, nose. Powder is best for hot weather as sticks and gels can melt and slide in the heat.

Be very cautious about using any products with a shimmer as this can make you look shiny and sweaty.

Go for a nude or natural shade of lipstick, apply several coats, blotting as you go.

Keep your eye cream for night time only. The eyelids are normally quite greasy, causing eye shadow to crease. Try and Eye Primer to increase staying power.

For Blusher try a cheek stain as this will last longer than a cream and a powder can look a little cakey.

Avoid the repeated use of face powder to blot up moisture as this will result in caked layers. Instead blot with a tissue.

Keep drinking plenty of water to keep your skin plumped up and hydrated and keep out of direct sunlight when possible to avoid the damaging and aging effects of sunlight.

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New in Today Technic Corrector Stix, 3 Cream Corrector Crayons

New in Today Technic Corrector Stix, 3 Cream Corrector Crayons New stock in today on Cosmetics4less is  Technic Corrector Stix. Three Chunky Crayons to Balance, Neutralise, Correct and Perfect Any Tonal Imperfections In Your Skin Such As Dark Under Eye Circles, Blemishes Or Redness.

Lilac to Correct yellow or sallow skin tones or bruises.

Green to minimize redness.

Yellow to neutralise purple toned dark patches, for example under eye circles.

Target your blemish problem and choose the solution.

Apply directly from the crayon and blend in well. Then apply your usual foundation on the top.

Cosmetics4less price for this item is only £2.45.

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How to Make Your Eye Shadow Shade Really Pop.

How to Make Your Eye Shadow Shade Really Pop. To make your eyeshadow shade really pop with intense colour, take a white eye pencil and apply to the whole of your eyelid area.

Then apply your eye shadow on top of this. Not only will this intensify your eye shadow colour, it make a great base and eye shadow primer too.

Cosmetics4less has white eye pencils in stock from only £0.99.
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