Make Up Advice for Women Over 30

30 years Old is no Age at All.. But:

This is the age when dehydration lines set in and if not tackled straight away will remain permanent and where damage from the sun starts to show.

Skin can start playing up, you may have always had normal skin, then suddenly thanks to hormonal changes, your skin starts to misbehave and horror of all horrors, spots and oil appear - it's not uncommon for acne to start, even if you have never had it before. On the opposite end of the scale, dry skin can become more dehydrated and flaky.

So don't worry if all of a sudden your skin starts behaving badly, it really is all down to hormonal changes. Some people may find their skin is better than when they were in their 20s. So it really is important to start treating your skin well. You may find you can't party like you used to, without the next day effects of dark circles and sluggish skin.

So if you are coming up to your 30's, you really need to re-think your whole beauty regime. Think about switching your current products to anti-aging products.

An eye cream is absolutely essential, as is a good moisturiser with an SPF15 or above. You should by now be in the habit of using a face pack and exfoliating weekly to help keep your skin clear and you most certainly should not be in the habit of keeping your make up on when you go to bed!

You should also be in the habit of drinking lots and lots of water it's written everywhere and it really is one of the best things you can do for your skin. As for make up, go lighter, eye shadows should not be so heavy, use light reflecting make up and steer clear of too much glitter.

If, like me, you like to sparkle on a night out, then keep the shimmer and glitter to either your eyes or lips but not both. Tinted moisturisers are excellent for a flattering complexion, especially those that give a youthful dewy tone. For lips stick to pink/brown tones which again are the most flattering for nearly all complexions.

For 30 something skin the best advice I can offer you to keep looking young, is laugh lots, enjoy life and take each day as it comes!

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