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All About Cosmetics4less

About Cosmetics 4 Less

Hello and welcome to Cosmetics4less.

Our experience in the Cosmetics and Beauty business goes way back to 1971.  Of course this was on the High Street then and things have changed a lot.  But our knowlege, experience and tradition of customer service are still at the same high level.

We have been selling cosmetics on the Internet since 2006 and I think we offer a very comprehensive selection of some of the most famous brands available at really affordable prices, together with some interesting, new and different items from some of the budget brands that offer really good value for money.

We are based in the Orkney Islands, just to the North of Scotland. This is a wild, beautiful and remote place with few shops and other facilites. The picture above is of the Neolithic Village of Skara Brae, dating from more than five thousand years ago.

This famous World Heritage site is one of Orkney's many places of historic significance.T

The computer and the Internet provide our life-line to the wider world. Together with the excellent service provided by the Royal Mail this allows us to run Cosmetics4less from Orkney just as easily as from anywhere else in the UK.

Please browse our store and if there is anything you can't find or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Sue Reeves BA, Hons, Proprietor and General Manager Cosmetics4less. email: Tel: 01856 731706.