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All You Have Ever wanted to Know About Concealer!

All You Have Ever wanted to Know About Concealer!

Blemishes, dark circles, uneven skin tone and scars. We all have them. Even models and movie stars have them. They are either airbrushed out or camouflaged by the skillful use of cosmetic concealers. This last solution is available to all of us and, with a little practice, can give amazingly successful results.
A concealer is used to cover up blemishes and produce an even skin tone. Losing the dark circles under your eyes can make a dramatic, instantly youthful  difference to your appearance. Dark patches around the nose and chin can disappear completely so it is well worth taking the trouble to perfect your concealer technique. 

Concealers are meant to conceal and blend in completely with your natural skin tone and foundation. The best way to ensure that they do just that is to choose a colour that’s a half-shade lighter than your skin’s natural tone.

Chose the shade of your concealer carefully: For pale skin, use a light beige with yellow undertones. For olive skin, use a medium beige with pink undertones. And for darker skin, use a medium to medium-dark shade with peach undertones. Multi-tone concealers can give exceptional results but do practice before going out as they can be tricky to get right. 

 Apply concealer first, before foundation, and give it a few minutes to set before applying your foundation.  Apply a very light, non greasy, moisturising eye cream to about one inch below the eye.  Then lightly place a small bit of concealer directly over the area. You can use a small, square, flat concealer brush or you can dot it on with your finger. Gently pat the concealer onto your skin rather than rubbing it in.

Blend in thoroughly but with as soft a touch as possible.

Always start with less than you think you need. You can add more if needed, but the idea is to use as little as possible. Don’t be tempted to apply a layer so thickly that it becomes noticeable, This will only draw attention to the problem area. Less is definitely more  in this instance.

Using the correct shade for you skin will allow you to get better results with less product. When you are using a concealer tester always try it out on your face. The skin tone of your hand is completely different from that of your face.

Concealer can even help cover up acne.  Use a medicated concealer, one with Tea tree Oil is ideal, and it will even help heal the spot while it conceals it!  A yellow or green shade can help to counter the redness of acne.  

Be very careful when using concealer on an area that will be covered by eyeshadow, blusher or lipstick as the colours can be altered by concealer, test this out on your hand before using a new product.     

Concealers are available in  stick form, like a lipstick. These are easy to apply, give a good cover and are convenient to carry about. Make sure they are very soft and avoid dragging the delicate skin around the eyes as you apply and blend.

Also available are liquid concealers, often with an applicator wand in the lid, or in a small tube. These are very easy to apply and blend. You can dab it on without dragging. 

Compact concealers are usually applied with the finger tip. These also give a good coverage but make sure your hands are scrupulously clean, especially if you suffer from spots.

After applying concealer apply foundation and powder as usual. You can touch up your concealer over your foundation if necessary,  but be very careful to blend it in very carefully and to use the minimum amount possible.   

If you have scarring to your face or body there are special ranges of concealing make up that are only available on the NHS.  If you ask your GP he can refer you to a specialist who will select suitable products and give you instructions on how to use them. These products are really brilliant, the results are incredible and can be life-changing. So if you think you might benefit please go and speak to your GP.

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