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Banish Spots and Acne.

Banish Spots and Acne. Cleanliness is the key to minimising acne and spots. Not because acne and spots are caused by dirt but because it is vital to avoid spreading the infection and keeping spots to a minimum.

Wash make up brushes daily, after every single use. gently wash in a weak solution of shampoo in warm water, rinse will and dry thoroughly.  This may seem like a pain but you risk re-infection every time you re-use a brush if you don't.

If you use a stick concealer to hide your spots don't apply straight from the stick, use a cotton bud instead and throw it away. Otherwise the gems from the blemishes are on the tip of the concealer stick and you risk spreading the infection and re-infection every time you use it. Equally don't use your fingers to apply foundation, use a sponge and use a clean one every day. They can be washed in the same way as brushes. Just be aware and make sure that you don't touch your face with any product that you will use again. Germs can multiply within the product alarmingly quickly and you don't want to be spreading them about!

Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face as much as you can. You would be surprised at how often we unconsciously put our hands to our face all the time. again this spreads the infection and introduces new germs to existing breakouts. Keep your hair off your face, choose a hair style where you don't have to keep pushing it away from your face.

The prefect storm for spots is where you have your hair with its dirt and oils, which it is bound to have no matter how often you wash it, shedding onto your face and you then follow this by using your hands to push it away.

None of these measures will cure acne I am afraid but you will find that if you are scrupulous about cleanliness and aware of how you can spread infection and re-infection, breakouts can be kept to a minimum.  

Created On  6 May 2016 8:48 in Make Up Advice  -  Permalink


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