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Beauty Tips for the Over 40's

Beauty Tips for the Over 40's

Your make up needs to evolve as you grow older and change with our skin tone and facial features. Here are a few tips to staying fabulous, whatever your age.

Wear more blush, as we age we lose pigment in the skin and your skin may have less natural glow. So make sure you always use blusher.

Never chose a beige or pink based foundation shade. Pink or beige sucks warmth out of the skin. Try an ivory, porcelain, natural or sand shade.

Donít over pluck your eye brows, itís ageing and dated. As we age our eyelids droop or even sag a little. Over plucked eye brows will accentuate this puffiness and drag your eyes down. Well shaped  and defined eye brows give a youthful look.

Donít use more eyeliner under the eye than on the top. This drags down the eyes and accentuates the droop. A thin, slightly smudged line, starting from about a third of the way from your nose will instantly lift the eyes.

Donít use frosted eye shadow or white frosty highlighter. Anything frosty accentuates lines because it makes the skin look scaly. Leave frosty to the teenagers.

Donít over powder. The more moisturisers you use, and you should definitely be using this on mature skin, the more porous your skin will become when you use powder. Even the fineness of powders can look cakey if the skin is moist and greasy. Try applying your moisturiser 30 minutes before making up to allow it to sink in,  and choosing a lighter weight product for day time use, keeping the heavier anti-ageing products for bedtime.

Donít use dark or harsh lipstick shades if you have small lips. As we age our lips get thinner and tend to sag. Use a natural shade of lip liner to prevent bleeding. Blend inwards to avoid the lined look and re-apply your lipstick regularly. If you like bright lipstick, highlight the centre of your lips to give them a fuller effect. Apply a little concealer to the outer edge of your lips and go just  a bit beyond the lip line. Also apply concealer to the outer corners of your lips and go just inside the natural corners of your mouth. All these things will give the appearance of fuller lips. They are high maintenance though and need a lot of retouches during the day to stay looking good. For everyday use try a nude or natural looking lipstick.

Finally the beauty advice that applies to everyone. Eat lots of fruit and veg. Get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water.






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