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Quick Make Up Tips.

A selection of simple, quick tips and hints on how to improve your make up routine.

Keep Lipstick off your Teeth.

Keep Lipstick off your Teeth.

Here in the Cosmetics4less office we all agree that Lipstick on your teeth is in our top five dreaded make up nightmares!

This is a great tip that will prevent this happening ever again. Once you have applied your Lipstick put your finger in your mouth and then pull it slowly out, imagine it’s a lollipop!

All the Lipstick that could have ended up on your teeth will have been removed and you can smile with confidence.

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How to Make Your Eye Shadow Shade Really Pop.

How to Make Your Eye Shadow Shade Really Pop. To make your eyeshadow shade really pop with intense colour, take a white eye pencil and apply to the whole of your eyelid area.

Then apply your eye shadow on top of this. Not only will this intensify your eye shadow colour, it make a great base and eye shadow primer too.

Cosmetics4less has white eye pencils in stock from only £0.99.
Created On  1 Jun 2017 11:54 in Quick Make Up Tips.  -  Permalink

Arch Those Eyebrows!

Arch Those Eyebrows! To enhance the arched effect of your eyebrows, apply your usual eyebrow make up, pencils, powder, wax etc. Then, taking an eye shadow brush, load it with a shimmering highlighter powder.

Draw a line above your eye brows, the half nearest your temple only, following the arch of your brow. Blend well with your finger tips so no obvious line is visible. This will make your eyebrows really stand out without having to make them too dark or shapely defined. Giving a subtle, more natural look.

Cosmetics4less stocks a wide variety of Highlighters suitable for this. The W7 Glowcommotion compact shown in the picture is ideal. Cosmetics4less price for this lovely, shimmering Highlighter compact is only £2.45.

You will find lots of other great eyebrow products, everything you need for perfect eyebrows in the FOR EYEBROWS section of the website.

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Never Smile When applying Blusher.

Never Smile When applying Blusher.

Never, Ever smile when you apply blush, it ages you instantly, yet almost every women I know does it!

The reason you should keep a straight face is that when you smile your create lots of tiny wrinkles, however young you are. The blush cannot penetrate into these lines so when you relax your face you are left with little lines that look just like wrinkles.

Also, when you smile the area that protrudes is not the best place to put blush. It’s too close to your mouth on a relaxed face. Cheek colour needs to be high and closer to your eyes than your mouth.

Look at a summer shot of a model or film star and you will see the sunkissed glow really high up on the cheekbones.

So always consciously relax all the muscles in your face before applying blusher. This can be quite hard to do but it's well worth it.

Created On  30 Nov 2015 16:32 in Quick Make Up Tips.  -  Permalink

Lip Liner Tip

Lip Liner Tip Lip liner is great for  creating a defined shape to your lips and helping to prevent your lipstick from bleeding and feathering. but be careful, when your lipstick wears off you can be left with an obvious, and very unattractive, line around your lips.

To prevent this choose a liner in as close a shade to your lipstick as you can find. Apply your lip liner as usual then smudge and blend the inner part of the line, towards your lips. Then apply your lipstick. This will keep your lips defined and free from feathering but when your lipstick wears off, you  won't have that hard line around your lips.
Created On  27 Nov 2015 9:12 in Quick Make Up Tips.  -  Permalink

Get the Benefit Without the High Price.

Get the Benefit Without the High Price. W7 A Hint of Bali ~ Lip and Cheek Stain. Compares very favorably with Benefits Benetint and is a great dupe for this premium price product.

Get a similar natural flush of colour to your lips and cheeks a  all day long.

Apply thinly to lips and cheeks. Blend in softly with your finger tips. If you need the colour to be a little deeper then apply several layers allowing the previous layer to dry.

Comes boxed so it would make a nice small gift or stocking filler.

Cosmetics4less price is only £2.99.
Created On  26 Nov 2015 12:44 in Quick Make Up Tips.  -  Permalink