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Colour Correcting Concealer and How to Use It.

Colour Correcting Concealer and How to Use It. I expect you will have noticed that a variety of colour correcting concealers have been appearing on the market recently. These give you the ability to do much more with concealers than merely cover blemishes and dark under eye circles. But how do I use it without looking like a clown you cry!

The palette in the picture, City Color Correct and Perfect Multi-Tone Concealer Palette, is a good example of the shades that are usually included in a correcting palette and include 5 different shades of cream concealer. This pallet is available from Cosmetics4less at £3.99.

  Corrects dull tones

Orange: Correct blue tones and under eye circles
Lavender:  Correct yellow, sallow tones
Green: Correct redness
Yellow: Correct grey and purple under eye circles.

Use the Pink tone as a highlighter or for any muddy coloured areas on your face.

The Orange tone is for any areas where blue shades need to be toned down, especially under the eyes, but can also be used  for any obvious blue veined areas.

The Lavender tone will give an instant pick up for any yellow or sallow areas of your face.

The green is especially useful for broken veins on the cheeks or for any red and angry blemishes or spots.

If your under eye circles are more grey or purple in tone then the yellow shade is perfect for correcting this.

Make sure you blend the cream concealer in well with your finger tip so you don't have any patchy areas. You may need to use a flesh toned concealer on top of the correcting concealer before applying your foundation as usual.
Created On  3 Mar 2017 8:36 in Make Up Advice  -  Permalink


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