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Eyeliner Tight Lining. What is it and How to do it.

Eyeliner Tight Lining. What is it and How to do it. Tight Lining is a name applied to a technique of applying eyeliner very close to your actual lash line. In fact I like to describe it as more like joining the eye lashes together, rather like a child's dot to dot book. Most eyeliner looks mean you draw a line above the lash line. This gives an obvious line than can usually be clearly seen. So if you are looking for a softer, more subtle look then try tight lining. 

Here at Cosmetics4less we have tried several different products to see which gives us the best effect and we have found that a gel eyeliner gives the best Tight Lining looking result. 

You will need a nice sharp brush for this technique. Coming from above your eye lashes, angle the brush as you normally would to apply the line but gently push downwards, just a fraction, so the brush touches your eye lid just between the individual lashes.

If you like to do your under eye lashes also then a black pencil, warmed up well with a very sharp point will do this job best. Come from below your lashes and push the point, very gently and carefully, along the spaces between your lashes. You can use a pencil on the top lashes as well but the gel has a more impact effect and is well worth practicing. 
Created On  26 Jan 2018 11:47 in Make Up Advice  -  Permalink


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