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Face mask Facts.

Face mask Facts.

Face masks can be exfoliating, anti-aging, deep cleansing, lifting and moisturising. They can revitalise a tired complexion and they can be a relaxing and luxurious experience that has a considerable feel good factor.

For Mature skin, masks can deliver a burst of temporary anti-ageing ingredients that instantly soften and smooth lines. Often the effect can last for several days.

When you are planning to use a face mask the first thing to do is cleanse thoroughly. Use a washing cream and make sure that you rinse off any residue. If your skin is oily the mask will not penetrate as well. You will only get the full benefit if you apply the mask to scrupulously clean skin. This will allow your face to absorb more of the ingredients of the mask.

Masks work best when coverage is generous, so donít be afraid to use a thicker application. The mask wonít work as well if it is applied to thinly so donít be tempted to save money by scrimping here.

Try placing a slice of chilled cucumber or a chilled, used tea bag over the eyes while you are relaxing with the face mask on. This will brighten and tighten the eye area.

Masks for dry skin can often be removed with a dry tissue, this is especially good for very dry skin as a thin film of moisture stays on the skin for hours afterwards. For other masks remove with a wet, warm face cloth in gentle, circular movements. This will act as a gentle exfoliant and leave skin instantly brighter and clearer looking. But donít use abrasive exfoliants at this stage as you donít want to strip the skin.

Always moisturise well using your night time moisturiser directly after using a mask . With dead skin sloughed off and pores open and unclogged, your moisturiser will sink in more deeply and have greater penetrating results.

The Garnier Hydrating Face mask shown in the picture is only £0.99 from Cosmetics4less.

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