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Fascinating Nail Facts.

Fascinating Nail Facts.

Did you know that nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter?

Menís nails grow faster than womenís nails, exept during prenancy and as you grow older when womenís nail growth speeds up.

If you are left handed the nails on your left hand grow faster and the other way about if you are right handed.

The longer your fingers the faster your nails grow!

After an illness your nails grow faster.

Malnutrition, crash dieting or eating disorders will all adversly affect your nails.

Nail problems account for about 10% of all skin disorders.

The colour of your nails can be a useful diagnostic tool indicating a number of health problems so always take a good look at your nails when you have removed your nail polish and report any changes to your GP.

Always report and changes in nail colour or shape, any swelling of the skin around the nails, white lines, ridges or dents to your GP.

Nail problems can be caused by poor nail care. Follow these simple tips to improve your nails:

Keep nails clean and dry so bacteria and other infectious organisms donít collect.

Donít wash your hands excessively though as this will lead to dry and brittle nails. Always rinse soap off well.

Always wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or using any other household cleaners or chemicals.

Moisturise your hands regularly and use a specialist hand cream to moisturise nails.

Do not bite your nails. You can cover up bitten nails with false ones but nail nibbling is a sure way to transfer bacteria from mouth to fingers and the other way around. You can also damage the skin around the nails.

Cut your nails straight across just gently rounding them for maximum strength,

Use a fine file and manicure scissors to avoid catching rough edges on clothing.

Your nails reflect your general health so eat a healthy diet and try for a healthy lifestyle.

If your hands and nails donít come up to scratch :-) donít worry! At  Cosmetics4less we have a great selection of nail and cuticle treatments on the web site, all at bargain prices.

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