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Foundation facts.

Foundation facts.

Foundation does exactly what it says on the tin.  It is the base and foundation of your whole make up routine. If your foundation is shaky then you are in trouble!

Foundation comes in a number of different types and varieties and it is important to get the right one for you.

Tinted moisturiser is lightly tinted with minimum coverage. Perfect for young skins and for the times when you want to look natural but need a little help.

Liquid foundation is the most popular and is suitable for everyone.  This gives medium coverage, not too light and not too heavy. Choose an oil-free formulation for oily or combination skin and a moisturising or anti-ageing formulation for dry or mature skin.

Mousse foundation has a very creamy and hydrating finish with a medium coverage. Gives a light and airy, natural look which lasts for a long time.

Stick foundations give a heavier coverage with moisturising properties and act as a concealer too. Suitable for dry, mature skin or skin with lots of blemishes. Good for blotchy or uneven skin tone.

Light diffusing foundations contain small particles that diffuse the reflected light. This softens lines and wrinkles and makes blemishes less visible. The particles also give light and a radiance to the skin.

Choose a colour that is as close to your own skin tone as possible. If you can, try a tester on your face, if this is not possible try it on the inside of your wrist or your neck, never on your hand. Allow a few minutes for the colour to develop and reveal itself fully and try and look at it in natural light as well as artificial light.

Many foundations contain a sunscreen which helps protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. So it is important to look out for the SPF number on a product. The higher the number the greater the protection. 

When you use your foundation first apply a thin layer of moisturiser to your skin and allow it to settle and absorb for at least 20 minutes. 

With clean hands apply Concealer as needed and then dab spots of foundation over your face. Gently blend in well. Pay particular attention to your jaw line and hair line. There is nothing more obvious than a tide line where the make up finishes. If you have chosen a shade close to your skin tone then all that is needed is to blend and taper off the foundation into your neck.

Allow to set for a few minutes before applying a Translucent Face Powder to set your make up and give a soft, velvety finish.

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