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Give Yourself a Makeover this Spring.

Give Yourself a Makeover this Spring.

Prepare Your Skin for Spring

 As winter draws to its damp conclusion, itís fair to say that our skin has taken a beating during the cold months. As we start to tone up in anticipation of losing those shapeless layers to bare all for the warmer weather, itís essential that we also take some time to reboot our daily beauty routine and refresh our makeup bags for some springtime shine.

Here at Cosmetics 4 Less, we have lots of excellent products and ideas to help you on your way, so pull up a chair and read our top tips for perfect springtime skin.


 Ok, we all know we should wear sunscreen all year around, but letís be honest, how many of us actually do? Itís far too easy to let it slip in the weak winter sunshine, but now is the time to put some sunscreen back into your daily routine. Ensure you use a daily moisturiser which has at least a factor 15 built in, and if youíre going to be in the sun for any length of time slather your skin in a minimum of a factor 30 sunscreen.

 Lighten Up

 Winter is all about heavy foundation and smoky eyes, but the key to spring is clear, fresh skin. Opt for a tinted moisturiser, or a lightweight, translucent foundation for a natural-looking base. Swap your powder blush for a simple check stain, and ditch those dramatic dark eyes in favour of pastel colours.

Get Some Glow

Banish your pale winter skin with some natural bronzer, to give your skin a sun-kissed glow. Itís much healthier than trying to jumpstart your tan with a trip to the sunbed, gives instant results and it will keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Be Bold with Your Lips

 While we recommend toning down your skin and eye makeup during the spring in favour of natural and pastel tones, choosing some bold colour for your lips will finish your springtime look with style. Bold reds and pinks will ensure you stand out this spring.

Natural Nails

 If you regularly use gel or artificial nails, itís essential to give your nails a break every few months to let them repair and strengthen up. Treat your nails to a good moisturiser, before applying a natural, protective base, and finishing them with a nude tone thatís ideal for spring.

 If you need some inspiration to refresh your makeup bag this spring, take a look at the great range of products on Cosmetics 4 Less.

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