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Great Tips for Great Lips. Lipstick Advice.

Great Tips for Great Lips. Lipstick Advice.

If you want to make lipstick last longer use a lip gloss top coat in the winter, to counteract the drying effects of the winter weather, and sticks and stains in the summer.

When doing our make up most of us save our lips to last, so load up your lips with your favourite rich moisturiser or lip balm when you start and leave it to be absorbed while you do the rest of your make up. By the time their turn comes your lips will be moist and luscious.

Put your lip pencils in the freezer before you sharpen them. An old tip I know but well worth repeating.

When trying out lipstick testers always test on your finger tips, rather than the back of your hand, to get a better idea of  how it will look. Your finger tips are much closer in colour to your lips and the texture of the skin is similar.

To create a fuller lipped look, first apply a highlight colour to your cupid’s bow then apply your lipstick.

You can make your lower lip look fuller by lightly shading just underneath your lip with a shading colour.

Powder lightly around your mouth, not on your lips, before applying your lipstick if you are worried about lipstick bleeds. Or use a product made specifically for this problem, for example W7 Lip Jacket, Lipstick Sealer.

Carry cleansing wipes with you. If your lipstick looks old, dry or caked don’t try to save time by re-applying, this will look terrible. Remove it completely and start again.

Once your lipstick has lost its brand new, sharpe edge you cannot get a crisp, straight line using it. You need to use a lip brush.

Never choose a lip colour paler than your skin tone, it make you look really unwell!

You can use foundation to achieve a nude look but always moisturise well to avoid lips drying out.

Don't stick slavishly to the same lipstick shade. Vary it according to the season. Casual clothes need a different shade to formal wear. Experiment and see what works for you. Cosmetics4less has an enormous range of lipstick from on £0.99 so try a new shade every week.

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