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Guide to Choosing the Right Lipstick.

Guide to Choosing the Right Lipstick.

Guide to Choosing the Right Lipstick

Not so very long ago a lipstick was a lipstick and all we had to decide when buying a new one was should we try out the latest colours or stick to the colours that we knew suited us.


Now we have to decide if we want a lipstick or a lip gloss. Do we want a long-lasting transfer resistant or a wet look, high shine lipstick. Or maybe a two step lipstick would be best and what do we do with a lip pencil?


All very confusing. I think that you need to match the product to the occasion and decide what you want your lipstick to do.


 Lip glosses have become very trendy in the last few years and some of the more edgy cosmetic houses like Urban Decay are moving away from the traditional lipstick and much more into gloss.


There are two types of lip gloss. The first is usually applied with an applicator wand and has as dense a colour as a lipstick. When applied it has a very slick, high shine or frosted appearance with a definite moist look. Bourjois 3 Effet D and Pop Chic range and the Maybelline Wet Shine and Water Shine range are some of the best around. Lots of fabulous colours and more staying power than you might think.  They really do last very well for such a glossy product.


The other kind of lipgloss is just shine, often with a hint of colour or shimmer, and can be used on its own or over a lipcolour to add extra gloss. They usually come in a tube with a flat shaped edge for applying the product. Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes are probably the best of this type with a price tag to match, the favourite colours are very sought after and hard to find. Max Factor's Max Effect compares well and comes at an affordable price.


The introduction of the long-lasting, non transfer lipstick, often referred to as kiss-proof, offers yet another choice.


These lipsticks really do stay put all day. They don’t come off on your cup, food, teeth or clothing and they really are kiss proof. There is a down side to this of course. They tend to be very dry with a matte finish and can feel uncomfortable on your lips. L’Oreal Invincible Kiss Proof and Max Factor Stay Put are excellent ranges of this type of product.


For really luscious, moist and glossy or frosted lips with intense colour the best choice is a wet look lipstick and no one does this better than the Maybelline Wet Shine and Water Shine range. Ironically these products give you truly kissable looking lips but smudge and transfer very easily, needing to be reapplied regularly. While the long-lasting lipsticks will stay put but dry, matte lips are not so inviting are they?  


The two step or duo lipstick was developed to combat this problem. A long-lasting lipstick or gloss comes together with a top coat of clear gloss, either in a separate wand or a double ended product. The idea is that you apply the colour just once and keep reapplying the gloss top coat as it wears off. Max Factor’s Lipfinity comes as two wands in a box and is probably the best known product of this kind.  Of course you can use any clear gloss in this way over any lipstick and this will often be a more versatile and cheaper option.


For a very defined lip area and to prevent lip colour bleeding out of your lips and onto the surrounding skin you could try a lip pencil. Apply the lip pencil before your lip colour. You can go slightly outside your lip line to give a fuller look but be careful not to go too far. Smudge the line inwards towards your lip line as this will avoid the outlined look if your lipstick should wear off. Fill in the lip area with colour using a lip brush. Choose a lip pencil in a toning shade, as close to your lipstick colour as you can. 


Lipstick Tips


Prevent dry and cracked lips by always using a lip balm when you are not wearing lip stick, especially at night. Use one with  Sun Protection Factor for outdoors and reapply it constantly.


To make your lipstick last longer use W7 Lip Jacket Lipstick Sealer. Zip and Seal, give your lipstick long lasting colour. W7 Lip Jacket is kissproof and stops lipstick from fading, smudging and lasts for hours.

Apply your lipstick and blot your lips gently with a tissue and repeat if necessary. Brush an even coat of Lip Jacket over your lipstick and past your lipline to seal in the colour. Keep your lips apart and wait for the sealer to dry. 

Apply your foundation over your lips when applying make up. This will give you a great base for your lipstick helping it to last much longer.


Apply one coat of lipstick then blot with a tissue before applying another coat. This also makes it last much longer.

Here at Cosmetics4less we have a huge range of lipstick and lip gloss shade with prices starting at only 99p so you can really afford to experiment with effects.


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