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How Long Can I keep Using My Cosmetics?

How Long Can I keep Using My Cosmetics?  How long will my foundation, lipstick, mascara, stay fresh and safe for? This is a question we are often asked. If you look at the label on your make up you will find a symbol like this image.

On the little diagram of a pot you will see a number. This is the number of months that you can safely carry on using the item once it has been opened. This system is not very well know or often written about but it is important.

For some items, like nail polish and lipstick this will, most likely, be 24 as you can safely use these items for two years and you can't really come to any harm. this does not mean that the item will still be at it's best from an appearance point of view. This does depend on how and where it's been used and stored but it will not do you any harm.

For other items, particularly eye cosmetics like mascara, the number will only be 6 as you should discarded the product once it has been opened for 6 months. This is because of the danger of bacterial contamination from the product being transferred to your eyes. These can be painful and unsightly and, in rare cases, serious so it is important to stick to these numbers if you can. 

Created On  23 Sep 2016 9:19 in Make Up Advice  -  Permalink


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