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How to apply Bronzer.

How to apply Bronzer. Summer seems a long time ago and our lovely suntans have faded into a distant memory but we still want that healthy golden glow. So Cosmetic Bronzer seems the perfect solution. But lots of people are nervous of using a bronzer as they are not sure how to get the best result and avoid looking as if they have been tangoed!
We all want to look naturally bronzed but most of us will need a little help to be a bronzed goddess!

Powder Bronzers add overall color to your face and give you a sun-kissed glow. Above all, you want your skin bronzer to look natural– not too dark or orange. Multi-toned bronzers can give a very natural look. You can also use them to add a touch of colour to your shoulders and bust in a reveling party dress.

To apply powder bronzer, use a large fluffy brush and dip it into the bronzer. Tap the brush on the edge of the container to remove any access. Remember that too little is better than too much. Apply the bronzer in a swirling motion to the apples of your cheeks, your forehead, nose and chin. These are the areas that the sun would naturally hit. Take the brush stroke gently to the hairline to avoid a tide mark.

If you find you have used too much bronzing powder blot with a tissue and then use a powder puff with loose translucent powder to diminish the color.

Bronzer also comes in a liquid gel form. This is excellent for applying to your legs and arms. Long tanned legs without tights can also be had in the winter if you are brave enough to face the cold. Go on, it will be worth it!

Bronzer is also available as Bronzing Pearls. These are sometimes multi tone and can be used in the same way as a powder bronzer. Swirl a large powder brush in the pearls and sweep across your cheek bones, temples, chin and nose.

Cosmetics4less has powder bronzers for only £1.99.
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