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How to Apply False Eyelashes.

How to Apply False Eyelashes. False Eyelashes can look fantastic, they really can make all the difference to the appearance of your eyes. But many people are afraid to try them because they don’t have the confidence to use them.

Follow these tips for lashes that look amazing and no one will be quite sure if they are false or not.

First, cut the lash strip to the right length, 1/16 of an inch shorter than the width of your natural lashes.

Colour in the strip that connects the lashes with a black or black brown liquid eyeliner and let it dry completely. This little step helps camouflage the fake lash strip once you’re wearing it and provides instant, neat and not too obvious eyeliner in exactly the right place.

Now apply the glue to the lash strip and wait one minute till glue is tacky.  Lightly touch the glue with a make up brush. If the brush pulls at the glue and stretches slightly, a bit like cheese on a pizza, it’s ready to use.

I have often heard people being given the advice to start applying the lashes to the inner corner of the eye, but this is quite tricky and I find it’s better to anchor the centre of the lashes to the centre of your eye lid first then move from the centre outwards towards the edges. This makes it much easier to get the edges in exactly the right place.

Once the strip is in the right place, take the end of a makeup brush, hold it over the lash line and very gently push the skin on your eyelid downwards, just a fraction. This makes it seem as though the fake lashes are growing out from your lids in a very natural way, rather than sitting on top of them.

Now use an eyelash curler to really widen and open up the eyes  and then apply mascara if needed.

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