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How to Choose and Wear Your Perfume

How to Choose and Wear Your Perfume


Perfume is the ultimate sensory experience and can conjure up emotions and memories. You can use this in two ways.

You can create a signature fragrance just for you. Choose a fragrance you like and wear it all the time. Layer it by using a

deodorant, body lotion, bath additives, anything available in the same scent. This will make the fragrance last longer so

that the scent is present whenever you are. Someone who knows you well will only have to smell a hint of your own

special perfume and memories and emotions of the time you spent together will flood back into their mind.


This has limitations however as you must choose a fragrance that is suitable to all occasions, seasons and time of day or

night. The alternative is to choose a fragrance that reflects your mood. A light energetic fragrance for work, a soft floral

scent for daytime outings or a heavy, sensual perfume for evenings. Your perfume will help create the mood and feelings

that most reflect your own and push the occasion in the direction you want it to go.


Fragrance comes in a number of different formulas and it is important to know what you are buying.


Perfume has 22% Fragrance Oils and it is the most long-lasting and concentrated form. This is not used all that often

these days as it is incredibly expensive.


Eau de Parfume is very popular and contains 15-22% fragrance oils. It is still expensive but is a very clean and

long-lasting form.


Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne contain 4-15% fragrance oils and should be significantly less expensive than the

more concentrated forms.


Classically fragrance is divided into three layers of scent called notes. The top note contains the most volatile oils and is

the shortest lived fragrance. The middle note last a little longer and is the dominant, central tone of the fragrance. The

base note lasts much longer around 24 hours and it is the combination of these notes that gives the famous fragrances their

distinctive smell.


Fragrances can be divided into different families.


A Chypre fragrance contains woody, mossy and floral notes such as Oakmoss, Sandlewood, Patchouli, Bergamot and


Examples of a Chypre Fragrance include Cuir de Russe by Chanel. Misouko by Guerlain and Chypre de Coty


Marine Fragrances are a new family of scents that evoke the scent of the sea using an ingredient called Calone. A number

of popular modern fragrances like Dolce & Gabana’s Feminine, Escape from Calvin Klein and Aquawoman by Rochas

are examples of Marine fragrances.


Oriental fragrances are warm, spicy and sweet. They contain ingredients like vanilla and Tonka bean and sometimes the

heavy sensual musk oils. Examples include Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, and Coco by Chanel.


The majority of feminine fragrances are floral. Some are a blend of different flower oils with or without additional oil like

citrus oil or a single floral note, again with other undernotes added. Examples include, Chanel no 19, Anais Anais by

Cacharel, L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci and Dolce Vita by Dior.


Remember perfume can both define you and capture the essence of the moment, make it work for you.


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