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How to Have Great Nails in Just Two Weeks.

How to Have Great Nails in Just Two Weeks.

Life can be tough for hands and nails. Cleaning and washing up products, exposure to the cold and wind and general wear and tear all take their toll. But with a little care anyone can have beautiful hands and nails in a very short time.

Beautiful nails don’t have to be long talons. In fact unless you are a lady of leisure a long nail is bound to break and spoil the look of your manicure. If you want really long nails for a special occasion try false nails. Keep your own nails short and neat with a small, even half moon of nail tip around the top.

Make a late New Year resolution to never again do any washing up or cleaning without rubber gloves. This will make a world of difference. You cannot keep a manicure for any length of time if your hands and nails are regularly attacked by water and harsh chemicals.

Another resolution should be to use a hand cream regularly. Always use it at night, make it part of your cleansing and moisturising routine, and at anytime during the day.

If your nails are not in great condition to start with then you need to start using a nail strengthener and conditioner.  Sally Hansen do a huge range of suitable products, you are bound to find one that is just right for you.

If your cuticles are in a bad state you will also need a cuticle cream or oil. Again Sally Hansen have lots to choose from. These products will make a real difference in just a matter of days.

For a perfect, long-lasting manicure first gently file your nails into shape. Always use an emery board, never a metal file and always file in a single direction, never saw backwards and forwards. Buff and polish the tips as this will prevent chipping and cracking.

Very gently push back your cuticles, never, ever cut them or damage them in any way as this will damage the future growth of your nails. If you have been using the cuticle conditioner your cuticles will be very soft and flexible and will push back easily with just your finger.

Wash your hands thoroughly to remove nail filings and any trace of grease or nail polish remover as any of these will damage your manicure.
Then apply a base coat, there are lots available in our Nail Polish and Treatments section. Allow this to dry. Always allow plenty of time for a manicure, a rush job will be only mean you have to do it again tomorrow!  

Apply two coats of your chosen shade of nail polish and again allow to dry for at least 10 minutes for each coat, more if you can. Then apply a top coat, again available in our Nail Polish and Treatments section. Try not to use your hands for 30 minutes to allow your manicure to dry properly. Then polish the tips to prevent chipping and apply hand lotion.

Nail Polish remover is a harsh product, it has to be to dissolve nail polish, so keep your use of it to a minimum. Apply another coat of top coat every other day to extend the life of your manicure and cut down the number of times you need to remove it.

Your nails reflect your general state of health. Weak nails, white spots and ridges are signs of poor diet  and rough treatment. Eat a balanced diet, we all know what we should be eating, protect your nails and you will see the result. This will take a long time as it takes around 6 months for your nails to grow from the cuticle to the tip.

With Just a little help from Cosmetics4less you too can have great nails in just two weeks.

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