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How to Make Small Eyes Look Larger.

How to Make Small Eyes Look Larger. Big, dramatic eyes are always in fashion but some of us feel our eyes are too small. How to make small eyes appear bigger is one of the most common questions we are asked here at Cosmetics4less.

The good news is yes you can make your eyes look larger. The best trick in the book is to curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Heat the curler up with a hair dryer before use, this will give you the benefit of heated eyelash curlers without the expense. Then apply creamy white eye pencil to the lower inner rim of your eyelashes. This needs a steady hand but the result is well worth the effort to perfect the technique.

Apply black, dark blue or dark brown eye shadow to the inner top eye lid, closest to the nose and at the outer corner. Use a lighter colour in between and blend well. This will make your eyes look bigger and rounder. Take a white eye pencil and paint a small dot in the corner of your eye.

Use a liquid or gel eyeliner on both the upper and lower lash line but start about half an inch away from the inner corner of the eye. This emphasises the outer section of the eye which maker it look wider and longer. if you don't usually use an eyeliner and you are not confident about using a liquid or gel, start by using an eyeliner pencil. Try to draw a line in between the base of your lashes, rather like dot to dot, rather than trying to draw the line above the lashes. This makes it much easier to keep the line straight and gives a natural, fuller eyed look.

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Apply a little of the lighter shade of eye shadow you have used to the outer under eye area close to the lashes. Use lots of mascara, making sure to keep your lashes separate and not allowing them to clump up. If your own lashes are a little sparse use some false eye lashes. You can get some very natural looking ones if you don’t want them to look too obvious.

Apply a natural or nude shade of lipstick or lipgloss and keep blusher to a natural looking minimum. This will focus all the attention on your eyes and avoid them getting lost in a whole face full of colour.


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