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How to Survive January

How to Survive January

It’s cold, it’s dark, Christmas and New year have come and gone and Spring seems a long way away.

Our skin, hair and nails and liver are suffering from the excesses of the party season, a lack of sunshine, fresh

air and sleep and our credit cards are maxed out!

Sound familiar? Well don’t despair there is a lot we can do to put the sparkle back into our eyes and the glow

on our cheeks.

First of all follow my best beauty tips. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and veg.  How

easy is that and it won’t cost anything?  I guarantee that if you follow these rules and ease up on the alcohol

you will look amazing by the end of the month.

Other thinks we can do? Well get back to basics and start a new Skin Care regime. It does not have to be an

expensive one just make sure you keep to it, make it a New Year resolution.

Invest in a nail treatment that strengthens and protects your nails, we have loads to choose from the the Nail

Polish and Treatments Section

For just a few pounds you will have lovely, strong and healthy nails by the end of the month.

Fake tan can give you that summer glow at any time of the year but it can also make you look like you have

been Tangoed!

I think a light dusting of a Shimmering Bronzer Powder and a touch of a pretty pink blusher works just as well

and is a lot more controllable!

Now is a good time to go through your make up bag or drawer and chuck out all the old, grungy and unwanted

stuff. Give your bag, brushes and applicators a good wash and dry carefully.

Experiment with what you are left with and fill in the gaps without spending a fortune by checking out our £0.99

or less section.

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