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Spring Clean for Your Make Up.

Spring Clean for Your Make Up. Spring is on it's way and, while we are planning to spring clean our house and maybe overhaul our wardrobes, we should also consider giving our make up bags a good clean out.

Old make up is not so effective and it's a breeding ground for bacteria which is very bad news for skin and especially eyes. So tip the contents of your make up bag, bags, drawers etc, on to an old towel and prepare to be ruthless.

Amazingly the average British woman keeps old cosmetics for up to six years1 This gives germs a perfect breeding ground and is the cause of many skin irritations and blemishes I am sure.

So start going through all your products and throw away anything that is out of date, separated or gone a funny colour. Also bin anything that has leaked. if product can get out then germs can get in.

Then think about how long you have had each of the remaining items. Mascara is only safe to use for 3-6 months. Don't keep it any longer than this as eye infections can be very serious indeed. Foundation will last for a year after opening, lipsticks will probably be alright for up to 2 years but throw away any that begin to smell a little different. Powder items such as eyes shadows, and blusher can last up to 3 years.   

Your make up brushes can harbour a veritable zoo of bacteria as well as dead skin, old make up and skin oils. So clean them regularly, at least once a week. I use a few squirts of a gentle shampoo in a small bowl of warm water. Try not to get the brush completely covered in water as this can cause the bristles to fall out. Hold the brush in the water with the bristles hanging downwards and gently massage until clean. Change the water if necessary and rinse thoroughly. Allow the brushes to dry naturally lying down on a towel so that the water does not run down the handles.

Then take the opportunity of cleaning out your empty make up bag. Clean inside and out with a gentle soap solution and give a final wipe with an antibacterial wipe to get ride of any remaining bugs.

If your clean out has left your make up bag a bit empty then it's a good time to treat yourself to some new products. At Cosmetics4less we have a great range of products at prices that won't break the bank.
Created On  15 Mar 2017 11:34 in Make Up Advice  -  Permalink


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