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The Story of Bourjois Cosmetics.

The Story of Bourjois Cosmetics. Bourjois Cosmetics began life in France in 1863. The Parisian theatre was immensely popular at the time but the make up that was available to the actresses and actors was completely awful. It was greasy, did not last with gaudy colours. Actor Joseph-Albert Poisin and a friend Alexandre-Napoleon Bourjois created a range of whitening face make up, rouge and perfume for the stage which was very successful.

In 1868 Alexandre_Napoleon Bourjois took over the cosmetics business as word about his cosmetics spread beyond the world of theatre people creating a demand among the general public.

In the 1870s the iconic Bourjois "Little Round Pots" of rouge really took off and were joined by the "Little Round Pots" of Eye shadow. Both products are still popular today.

In 1898 Bourjois Cosmetics were taken over by luxury fashion couturier Chanel. Their influence ensured that Bourjois was always at the cutting edge of fashion with the quality their rich, aristocratic clients demanded.

In 1928 Bourjois launched its perfume "Evening in Paris". This was very popular throughout the 1930s and was the most popular fragrance during World War 11. The pretty blue glass bottle was instantly recognizable and is a highly prized collectable today.

French women did not win the vote until 1945, compared to 1918 in the UK, and Bourjois endeared the company to many French women by supporting votes for French women during the 1930s.

Bourjois products continued to be sucessful throughout the second half of the twentieth century. Their wide choice of lovely unique colours were universally popular. Every product looked french. The delicate fragrances used just added to the mystique.

The Twenty First century saw Bourjois cosmetics leave Chanel as it was bought by US giant Coty. So far the product range continues to innovate while keeping up the high standards of the past. Here at Cosmetics4less we look forward to continuing to support the company and stock as many of its products as we can.
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