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Time For a Clear Out of your Make Up Bag

Time For a Clear Out of your Make Up Bag


 Throw Out Old Makeup

 Incredibly, the average British woman keeps hold of old cosmetics for up to six years! Thatís a prime breeding ground for bacteria and the root cause of many skin irritations.

 Start your clean-out by checking the expiry dates on each product and binning anything thatís out of date. Next look carefully at each item Ė anything thatís separated or discoloured has to go.


Not only is old makeup less effective, itís also a breeding ground for bacteria Ė which is bad news for our skin. So now is the time to banish your inner hoarder and freshen up your makeup bag.


Top tip: Itís a good idea to tip out the contents of your makeup bag onto a towel, just in case any products have lost their lids.

Finally, consider how long youíve had each item. Mascara has the shortest shelf life of any item in your makeup bag, lasting a mere 3-6 months, while foundation can last a good year after opening. Lipsticks are okay for up to 2 years, and powder items such as Eyeshadows and Blushers can last for as long as 3 years.


Makeup Brushes

 Makeup brushes naturally accumulate a build-up of dead skin, makeup and oil, making them unhygienic for use on your skin. While itís recommended that you clean your brushes every few weeks, itís a step thatís often overlooked.

 Buy a brush cleaning solution, or simply use a natural, gentle shampoo. Try not to immerse your brush in water as this can damage the bond that holds the bristles together. Hold the brush with the bristles facing down and the water running over it, and gently massage in your cleaner before rinsing until the water runs clear.

 Leave your brushes to dry naturally on their side to prevent the water running into the handle.


Makeup Bag

 While your makeup bag is empty, take the opportunity to clean the inside of your bag, which can also suffer from a build-up of bacteria. Clean the interior with a gentle soap, before wiping it over with an antibacterial wipe to get rid of any nasty germs.

 If that sort-out has left your makeup bag a little on the light side, then itís time to treat yourself to some new products. At Cosmetics 4 Less, we have an excellent selection of products, at a price that wonít break the bank. Hop over to our online shop to find the perfect items to fill your makeup bag.

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