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Tips for the Perfect Manicure.

Tips for the Perfect Manicure. The perfect manicure is the finishing touch to your complete look. The most flattering nail shape is not quite square and not quite oval. File your nails so the top curve mirrors the curve of your nail base to achieve a balanced appearance. Avoid square tips as this can make your fingers look chubby.

To ensure your nails are the same length, after filing line up each nail with its neighbour.

Don't shake the nail polish bottle; just roll it gently between your palms. This will mix the polish without causing air bubbles.

Once you have washed your hands ready to start your manicure give your nails a wipe with nail polish remover. Even if your have no nail polish left on your nails this will remove any traces of skin oils or soap residue which can cause nail polish to peel away from your nails.

For perfect control when applying your nail polish, hold the brush between the thumb and middle finger whilst resting your forefinger on the top of the bottle cap.

To get the best results, apply in thin layers. Start with a thin layer of base coat, allow to dry completely, then apply a thin layer of polish down the middle of the nail then one on the left side and one on the right. Let the first coat dry completely and then repeat as often as required. Finish off with a layer of Top Coat.  Always allow each coat to dry completely.

When you have finished applying the nail polish run a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover on either side of the nail to remove little slips.

Apply a fresh coat of Top Coat to your nails every other day to help prevent chipping.

If your polish does chip use a nail buffer to smooth the edges of the chip. The smoother you can make the chip the better it will repair. Then fill in the chipped area with polish. Once it's dry apply another coat over the entire nail.

Don't file your nails after a shower or a bath, they will be too soft. Always file in one direction only to prevent tears and weak areas.

Always protect your manicure by wearing rubber gloves when your hands are in water or when cleaning or gardening.

Keep cuticle oil and hand lotion in your desk at work, by your bed and by the sink, use it all the time.

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