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Valentine's Day. Top Tips for that Special First Date.

Valentine's Day. Top Tips for that Special First Date. Valentine's Day is the perfect day for that first date. If there is someone you really like then this is the time to pluck up the courage to ask them out. The first date is a time for learning and if you get it right, comfortable flirting with a side of romance. Your first date with somebody that you like is incredibly important for any future relationship, and the single most important thing you need to do on any date is create the right first impression. Here at Cosmetics4less we firmly believe that first impressions are everything no matter what stage in life you are at and you should come away from any date feeling confident and knowing that you were yourself.

If you are planning a first date or are perhaps going on a date in a few hours and are looking for some last minute tips, hopefully this blog post will help you make your first date that little bit special and one to remember.


Tip number one: Be yourself

Pretending to be somebody you are not, or making up white lies about who you are, are things that everybody does at some point in their life. When dating though you should simply be yourself and not stray away from reality. Sometimes this can be hard, especially if you are a car salesman living at home with his parents at the age of 30 (nothing wrong with that), however your date should be understanding about who you are. If they are not, they quite simply are not right for you. don't forget that if the relationship continues and develops any lies you tell now will surely come to light in time.

Tip number two: Decide where you want to go

Having a schedule for your first date is a fantastic way of staying organized. Granted, some of the best moments in life occur from random and spontaneous moments, but you should want your first date to go as smoothly as physically possible. Before you go on your date decide where you or your date want to go, and stick to it. The cinema, for a meal, bowling or the theatre are all great places to go for a first date. Going for a bite to eat is probably best, as you will be able to talk to your date and get to know them. However a theatre or cinema trip does give you something to talk about later if you are shy and find conversation difficult at first. This shared experience can effectively break the ice and give you more confidence.

Tip number 3: Consider your dates views and be good at conversation

This goes without saying however if you do not agree with what your date is saying, or his / hers point of view, don’t argue with them. This does not mean that you have to agree with everything they say. Buy all means put over your point of view but in a non confrontational and non judgemental way and never let the discussion become personal. In this way an interesting exchange of views can be stimulating and enjoyable. Always agree to differ if the conversation stops being enjoyable. Go with the flow during conversations and try to be witty, fun and interesting at the same time. If you have a hobby, share it, who knows your date may very well have a passion for the exact same thing.

As well as those three top tips above, be sure to be well groomed for your date. If you are a male, make sure that you are clean before you go on a date and well dressed for the place you are going. If you are female, be sure to wear something appropriate for the venue and also wear flattering make-up and cosmetics but don't overdo it, many people do not like a heavily made up companion. Keep it simple and subtle until you get to know your date better.

Remember, have fun!

Created On  25 Jan 2018 11:37 in Make Up Advice  -  Permalink


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