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Wedding Day Make Up

Wedding Day Make Up You want to look your best on the day so make sure you have your make up planned and perfected well before the big day.

Whether you are having a professional make up artist, a friend or relative, or doing your make up yourself have a practice run. ideally have a full drss rehersal and take photos so you can see how it will turn out in the pictures taken on the day.  

It is probably not a good idea to experiment with a new look entirely, better to stick to the look you know suits you, just make it an enhanced version. You will need to define your features a little more strongly so they show up well in the photos and err on the side of a natural look as this will not date. Hopefully you and your family will be looking at the photos for many years to come.

When choosing products look for "waterproof" and "long lasting". A waterproof mascara is a definite must as even the most unromantic of brides have been known to shed a tear at some stage during the day. You want your make up to last well as you won't have time for touch ups and you won't want to be bothered by worrying about whether your lipstick has worn off.


Start with concealer and foundation. You should always try for a shade that matches your skin tones but be careful that too pale a shade might make you look washed out if you are wearing white or ivory, while too deep a shade can make you look orange. A yellow tone will bring warmth to your face without being too dark and a sweep of bronzer will add a touch of colour without overdoing it. If you are wearing a low cut dress remember to take the colour down to your chest area or blend in really well to gradually loose the colour if you prefer. Choose a concealer that is very slightly darker than your foundation. If you choose a lighter shade this can show up on the photos as a pale ring under the eyes. 

Products that add shimmer and highlights to the complexion should be used with caution as shimmer can look like a sheen of sweat in a photo, not pretty. Stick to matte products and if you must add highlights add just a little to brow bones and cheek bones, maybe a little on the bust area if wearing a low cut dress. 

If you are getting married in the summer you may well get very hot in crowded rooms so beware of anything shiny and choose a light coverage foundation, you don't want anything melting in the sun. Go easy on the blusher as two different tones of red, your natural glow and a blusher does not look good. Choose a powder or stain rather than a cream and blend in well. Choose a pretty light pink and apply sparingly. If very red cheeks are a problem then try a green tinted concealer but make sure you try this out well in advance to see if it works for you.

Green concealer can also work for red cheeks caused by cold if you are getting married in the winter. If you choose to wear lip gloss you will have to reapply constantly throughout the day, as you eat, drink, kiss relatives and new husbands. A long lasting lipstick is a better choice. To make your lipstick last all day, apply a lip primer then apply a layer of foundation and let it dry thoroughly, this makes a good base. Then apply a lip pencil, choose the same shade as your lipstick, then fill  in your whole lips with the pencil. Blend in well so that , even if you lipstick rubs off you still have some colour on your lips but you don't have that awful line around the edge.

Then apply lipstick, blot with a tissue and apply again. Repeat this once again. 

It is a good idea to have your eyebrows professionally shaped before the big day. Then you can use a pencil or brow powder in your natural shade.  

it is also a real moral booster to have a professional manicure done a day or so before the wedding. If you have nice nails of your own a french manicure looks lovely for a bride or have false nails put on if you bite them or don't have perfect natural nails. 

On the day have some emergency supplies secreted somewhere you can get to them easily. Cotton buds to touch away any smudges, lipstick or lip gloss in case you need a touch up. Translucent loose powder to get rid of any shine. Breath freshener in case the food is garlicky or to get rid of the smell of alcohol and a tiny phial of your favourite perfume, a great confidence booster.

Finally enjoy your big day and don't worry, everything will be fine.


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