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What are Dark Circles Under the Eyes and What Causes Them.

What are Dark Circles Under the Eyes and What Causes Them. What are the dark shadows under the eye and can anything be done about them ? This was a question we were asked in the Cosmetics4less office this week and itís a good one.

Well dark under eye circles can be caused by lack of sleep, I think this is well known and the solution is simple, get more sleep.

But probably the most common cause is hereditary, they just run in your family. In this case covering then up with concealer is your only solution. Try a multi-tone as the green shade can be particularly useful. The one in the picture is by City Color and is only £3.99. Check out our Concealer Section for lots of other helpful products.

Other causes are pollution and allergies. If you think it may be allergies then check this out with your doctor but a good home remedy for this, and for eyes stressed out by pollution, is to take two used teabags and put them in the fridge until well chilled. Then lie down and place them on closed eyelids. Just relax for 20  minutes. The tannin acts as a natural cooling and soothing astringent.  Many people also think that the anti-oxident properties in tea are very beneficial.

You can also use chilled slices of cucumber in a similar way.

Dehydration can also cause dark shadows to appear so make sure you drink enough fluids. Try to restrict caffeinated drinks though as caffeine has also been implicated in causing dark circles.

Alcohol is another cause, so make sure you stick to the recommended limits and drink plenty of soft drinks as well to counteract the dehydrating effect of alcohol.

Smoking is another cause of dark circles and also causes wrinkles. So giving up will make you look healthier and younger as well as actually improving your health.

Poor circulation can also cause under eye circles so stimulate blood supply and lymphatic drainage by taking regular brisk exercise. A walk in the fresh air, donít forget sunscreen, or bouncing on a mini trampoline are said to be the best exercises for this and will keep you trim and fit as well.

Donít forget that your skin, round your eyes or anywhere else, reflects your general state of health and to look your best just follow these simple rules. Get plenty of sleep, donít smoke, donít drink to excess and cut back on caffeine. Do eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of fluids.
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